Appeal Courts

When a person is convicted, and in limited other circumstances, an appeal may be taken to the appellate courts. An appeal is often the last hope from an unfavorable result and the lawyer you select to handle the appeal should be experienced in the appellate courts.

26 Years of Experience

T. Kirk Truslow provides experienced advice and advocacy on appeals to the South Carolina state and federal appellate courts for his own clients and for many people referred by other attorneys. In his 26 years of practice, he has handled many appeals.

Criminal Law Knowledge

Mr. Truslow’s knowledge and experience in criminal law make him an effective advocate for clients before the appellate courts. He has represented clients in cases before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and the South Carolina Court of Appeals. 

Been Convicted?

If you have been convicted of a crime in South Carolina, call our office at (843) 449-3304 to discuss your options for an appeal with T. Kirk Truslow. Mr. Truslow also personally monitors his email, and you cant communicate with him at [email protected].

Appellate Practice

Successful Strategy

Whether a client’s goal is to reverse an adverse verdict, or protect a favorable one, Mr. Truslow carefully analyzes the record on appeal, identifying any trial or sentencing errors, counseling clients on the advisability of an appeal and creating a successful strategy if the decision is made to proceed. He often works together with top legal researchers in an effort to submit effective appellate briefs, which are the documents that contain a party’s factual and legal arguments to the appellate court.