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Myrtle Beach DUI Lawyer T. Kirk Truslow

Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer T. Kirk Truslow has more than 20 years defending DUI cases. If you are seeking a Myrtle Beach DUI Lawyer do not procrastinate until right before court. DUI cases can be complicated and need time to sort out the facts. The sooner you retain a Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer, the better the more effective your defense will be.

Get Your Myrtle Beach DUI Lawyer As Soon As possible

The quicker you retain your Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer, the more the judge will look favorably upon the case as well. Most judges want to get cases out of the system. Waiting until the last minute and asking for a continuance does not help your case. All it does is prolong the inevitable and cause the judge to raise concern about your responsibility level. Getting your Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer as soon as possible shows the judge that you are ready to resolve the matter rather than drag it out.

Administrative consequences often accompany a DUI arrest. Though an individual is permitted to refuse to provide a breath sample, doing so will result in a suspension of driving privileges and attending the Alcohol and Drug Safety Classes (ADSAP). This is equally applicable if an individual chooses to submit a breath sample, and that sample is a .15 or greater.
These penalties are instituted at the time of the refusal or registration of a breath sample of .15 or higher, however, an individual has a right to request a hearing to rectify this situation.

Ignition Interlock requires an individual to have a device installed in the vehicle which prevents driving if alcohol is detected on the individual’s breath. It is expensive to install, and also requires expensive routine checks.
Whereas this requirement once only applied to a conviction for DUI 2nd or greater, it now also applies to a conviction for DUI 1st offense where the individual registered a breath sample of .15 or greater.

If you are in need of a Myrtle Beach DWI lawyer, make sure you choose one familiar with how the laws work. Attorney Truslow is a Myrtle Beach DWI lawyer that has the knowledge to defend your case. As a Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer Kirk Truslow has better than 20 years of experience defending DUI cases.

A good Myrtle Beach DWI lawyer is a must have for any case. Use myrtle Beach DUI lawyer in well formed, short sentences. Using this phrase in such a way reads much better. Using Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer poor structure doesn’t read very well. A good drunk driving lawyer in Myrtle Beach can save you both money and the possibility of jail time. Myrtle Beach drunk driving lawyer T. Kirk Truslow has experience in both misdemeanor and felony DWI cases. Your Myrtle Beach DWI lawyer should have knowledge in all the most recent DUI laws. Drunk driving laws change all the time so be sure your Myrtle Beach drunk driving lawyer is up to date. Call Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer T. Kirk Truslow today.