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If you are the subject of a criminal investigation, or are charged with a criminal offense, in Federal Court, it is vital that you retain experienced and proven legal representation. Mr. Truslow has rigorously and successfully handled criminal cases in Federal Court for more than 26 years, including:

Federal Criminal PracticeFederal Criminal Practice

Federal Criminal Practice in Florence, Columbia, and Charleston.

Being charged with a federal criminal offense can be heart wrenching and life altering moment in anyone’s lives. When you need a defense lawyer that can help defend yourself against a federal court, you need a skilled and trustworthy attorney that has the ability to carry your unique case. Attorney Kirk Truslow has 18 different practices and over 26 years of experience under his belt, ready to assist you in the Florence, Charleston, and Columbia area.

When you need a lawyer, you need one with the proven skills and the success in the federal court. Kirk Truslow is the attorney you’re looking for and the only South Carolina lawyer you can count on to successfully defend your case. Through thorough planning and strategic investigation, Truslow will assess the nature of your personal case in order to build the best defense for you. If you are part of a criminal investigation or charged with a criminal offense yourself in South Carolina, you should rely on Truslow more than any other public defender available. Truslow is ready to fight in Charleston, strategically prepared for Columbia, and is willing enough to defend you in Florence at a moment’s notice.