Moorer Supporters and Attorneys React to Bond Denial

On Monday afternoon, the bond hearing for the Moorers lasted for almost two hours, and evidence was shown by the state, giving it the elements of a trial.

It was not the outcome the Moorers’ attorneys expected. Both Moorers were denied bond. Judge Steven John explained his decision before denying the two bond. He said his decision was because of the seriousness of the charges, the condition of the state statute, the nature of the case, the potential punishment, consideration of all matters presented and whether or not the Moorers would show in court if they were granted bond.

Judge John also stated, “I am extremely concerned with the possible potential of violence, whether it is caused by the defendants or with them. The decision at this point in time is to deny both defendants bond.”

At the end of the hearing, the reaction from both sides of the family was clear. The Elvis family quietly walked out first. The Moorer family and supporters were then escorted out of the court room. They covered themselves with their coats, and Tammy’s sister swung her coat up and over one of the cameras. Despite the outcome of the hearing, both Tammy and Sidney Moorers’ attorneys are standing strong by their clients. Sidney’s attorney, Kirk Truslow, says he is feeling very optimistic. He feels the state has shown the evidence they have, and it’s nothing he didn’t already know.

“I feel very confident in my client’s position in this case,” Truslow said.

Tammy Moorer’s attorney, Gregory McCollum, disputes some of the evidence shown in the court room, specifically the text messages that show Tammy threatening Heather.

“First of all some of those messages, we aren’t sure those messages are real,” McCollum said. “Okay, so we’ll be trying to sort through that, but at the same time, being angry at somebody for having an affair with your spouse is something that I think most people experience. Whether they contact someone, view text, or email.”

Truslow says his biggest concern in this case is time. He says cases like this often take a while to get to court. He said his biggest fear would be if it took 18 months. That would be 18 months the Moorers were waiting in jail. He said if that were the case, they would revisit bond.

With both Moorers denied bond, the Elvis Family supporters have the outcome they were looking for. They also have some of the information they have been waiting for, though they say this is just a small piece. They say they still need to find Heather.