Weapon Felony

A felony weapons offense involves the illegal possession, transportation or distribution of firearms. Many felony weapons offenses deal with clients who have prior felony convictions, and as a result cannot legally possess a firearm. Federal firearm offenses come from prohibition of possessing weapon by not only felon, but also being mentally ill, drug addicted, an illegal alien, or dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces.

Types of federal weapons charges:

There are a number of different federal weapons offenses. Criminal defense lawyer Kirk Truslow can defend you in cases such as:

  • Unlawful possession: This offense refers to a felon in illegal possession of a weapon, or possession without the appropriate license for the weapon. Also, convicted felons may not be in possession of ammunition or other weapons-related contraband.  Further, the law makes no exception for weapons that are inoperable, disassembled, locked up or otherwise out of use.
  • Firearms trafficking: This offense refers to the smuggling of weapons or ammunition, not to be confused with illegal import or export. If firearms are transported across state lines or national borders, the crime is prosecuted on the federal level.

  • Violent crimes: Any federal crime involving the unlawful use of a firearm will be labeled "violent."
  • Fraud: In the context of a weapons charge, fraud refers specifically to illegally obtaining a weapons permit.

Gun & Weapon Violation

Illegal Possession Of Weapon?

If you illegally possess a weapon, you are subject to serious penalties. Depending on your criminal record and the severity of the charges, you could face major fines, prison time, and harsh mandatory minimum sentences.

Weapon Violation Defense

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