I am writing this as a testament to my experience in having Kirk Truslow represent me in a Federal Drug Conspiracy case in South Carolina.  Never having been arrested before, this was the most terrifying experience I have ever faced.  Facing the possibility of 10 years in Federal Prison, not being able to spend every day with my four amazing children and wife was something I suddenly felt might be lost. My family is my life, so for me nothing could have been more devastating. I was terrified and had no idea what to do, or who to turn to.  I was referred to Kirk Truslow (by several attorneys I contacted-who recommended Mr. Truslow as the man for the job).  Retaining Kirk as my representation turned out to be THE BEST DECISION I have EVER made.  Kirk was empathetic and understanding, while being professional and informative at the same time. Kirk thoroughly, and in plain English, explained all of my options (one of them being the possibility of Pre Trial Diversion)- and how each outcome could play out. Pre Trial Diversion was something that other attorneys said was unattainable, and said could not be achieved. Through Mr. Truslow’s hard work and constant dedication to my case he was able to arrange for Pre Trial Diversion. Words could never express what a relief this was. I am a huge family man and to be able to stay with my family, and not spend one night in prison, was the biggest blessing I could have ever prayed for.  I would recommend Kirk Truslow as THE ONLY attorney to turn to. I truly feel as though I owe my freedom to him.  He truly thinks outside of the box in his practice and works diligently to ensure the best results imaginable. Kirk is an amazing attorney who will fight for you. He keeps you informed and less overwhelmed during the entire process. I could never thank Kirk Truslow for all he has done for me and my family.  I am thankful I made the call to his office when I did, and that he took my case. I have often had nightmares of what my life would be like had I not; but am thankful everyday I wake up to my family that I did. 

Joseph C.