January 2020

At one point in my life I needed representation in a criminal court matter.  Now that I have been through the entire processes of my case, I realize a competent, dedicated and fearless criminal attorney is a necessary asset to acquire for the best legal defense.  The legal professional I acquired Kirk Truslow was by far the best choice I could have made. My case was serious and needed complex solutions to arrive at a successful outcome. At the very moment Kirk accepted my case and myself as a client he used every resource in his arsenal of education and experience in the legal field to assist me. This allowed us as a team to secure the best outcome my case could have.

Kirk and his competent staff were beside me every step of the way. They answered my questions about judicial procedure and language. They were readily available by phone, text or email. Their responses and advise calmed my fears during this difficult time. These details were the first exposure I had to the judicial system so my inquiries were numerous. Kirk guided me flawlessly through one of the most difficult phases of my life. All the while keeping my family aware of the details of my case.

When we were in court or at numerous meeting at his office Kirk would calmly approach the matter at hand. He would firmly set the course of action and with conviction carry it out. I witnessed firsthand the most competent criminal legal representation in the Horry County area. It would be impossible to find a lawyer of this caliber other than Kirk Truslow. I can attest to this fact.

In closing I would like to add Kirk cannot produce a desirable outcome without you as a client dedicating any and all of your resources. If you work hand in hand with Mr. Truslow and have faith in his guidance and expertise you as a client will have an unbeatable combination to fight for your defense. Kirk provided me with unprecedented legal representation. His hard work gave me my life back. I am eternally grateful for that fact and his legal expertise.

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